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Loan Types

There are different loan types to suit every client’s unique financial position. We spend the time to understand your requirements and objectives in order to present you with the best possible finance options to select from. From choosing between a Standard Variable Rate loan, Fixed Rate loan, or a Split Loan, we’re here to help you with your mortgage needs.

Variable Rate Mortgage

A variable interest rate gives you flexibility and can have extra features to save you money such as a 100% Mortgage Offset Account, Redraw and the ability to make extra repayments. Your variable interest rate will increase or decrease over the life of the loan, this is normally in line with the official interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Image by Tom Rumble

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed rate loan is a loan where your interest rate and repayments stay the same during the agreed fixed period which can be from one to five years.


As your interest rate is fixed your interest rate will remain the same and you will know exactly how much your loan repayments will be during the fixed rate period. Therefore you can budget accordingly and not be impacted by any rate increases.

Split Loans

A split home loan can be a combination of both a standard variable and a fixed loan so that you can take advantage of what both products offer.

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