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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a mortgage broker if I can go direct to a bank?

WIT Finance has access to over 20 different lenders. If you go directly to a bank, you can only obtain their specific products. With our experience and knowledge, we do the searching and negotiations with the lenders on your behalf. We will present you with options that best fit your scenario. Once you have selected the lender and product, we manage the application process from start to finish.

How much does it cost to use a
WIT Finance broker?

It is a free service! We do not charge our clients a fee. WIT Finance gets paid by the lender for introducing you to the lender.

When should I refinance?

Thanks to our scheduled reviews with our clients, we will run through your complete financial situation and ensure you have the correct loan structure, products and interest rates relevant to the current market and ensure they are aligned to suit your needs. We achieve this through negotiating with your existing lender and/or provide you with refinance options if there are better products and rates available.

What deposit do I need for a mortgage loan?

Every lender has different policies regarding minimum deposits. Generally, you require a minimum of 5% of the property value in addition to any relevant purchase costs such as stamp duty, government fees etc. We will work to find a lender and provide you with an option to fit your situation and whatever deposit you may have.

My lender won’t approve my loan, can WIT Finance help me?

Each lender follows set policies and procedures. At WIT Finance, we take our time to understand our clients, their situation and their needs. We then do our due diligence working towards providing finance solutions where you fit within policies. With WIT Finance having access to over 20 lenders, we will find the right lender and loan for you.

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